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In 2014, we started the Moringa oleifera culture in order to optimize the natural resources of the hinterland, in the production of an organic, natural and healthy product and, also, to promote alternatives for the economic and social development of the region.

The results of laboratory analyzes carried out confirm the high quality of our products. And the differentials of our premium quality moringa are listed below:




We are located in the Seridó Region of northeastern Brazil, a region with a semi-arid climate, with an annual average of 3,000 hours of light, hot and dry weather and high fertility soils, providing better photosynthetic and phytosanitary conditions for the plants.



Irrigation is done using a localized drip method, with excellent quality water.


Good habits

Use of good production practices such as organic fertilization, soil cover, through fragmented Ramonal Shavings (ARF) and conservation practices.


Slow Drying

Use of slow drying, handcrafted in a covered and open environment outdoors where the leaves and flowers of moringa remain suspended on screens for approximately four days ensuring complete drying and maintaining all levels of nutrients and medicinal compounds and the green color natural that the moringa has.


Adequate Facilities and Equipment

Our facilities and equipment are within the standards required for production, processing and storage.


Qualified Team

Employees trained in good food production practices.

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