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We are a family business, located in São Jose do Seridó, a city of 4,700 inhabitants in the semi-arid region of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

The rural property has belonged to the family since 1920, our ancestors developed subsistence agriculture and cultivated cotton, corn, rice, beans, bananas, carnauba, ocelica, tamarind. They also invested in the creation of animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats and birds, using the system, which is very current in our days the Integration of Crop-Livestock-Forest (ILPF), all ecologically correct, without the use of pesticides and in a sustainable way.

Tamar and José da Cunha, Casal Co - founders and CEO 's of Moringa Seridó.



As a producer that uses sustainable crop systems, social inclusion is also aimed at hiring female labor, using human resources from the municipality itself, as well as producing and offering organic products, of premium quality and, above all, taking care and preserving the environment.

MORINGA SERIDÓ, organic, agroecological guarantees to the final consumer a pure product, with high levels of nutrients, free of chemical residues.

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